n e w   a d d i t i o n s


Louis Bouché (1896 - 1969)
Louis Bouche
Still-life with a boat
oil on canvas
63 × 76 centimeter

Bouché was an American artist who studied in Paris around 1910 - 1916. Later he went back to New York.


André Beaudin (1895 - 1979)
Andre Beaudin
Le rideau vert
oil on canvas
46 × 38 centimeter

The French painter André Beaudin was a well-known member of L'Ecole de Paris.


Frederik Franck (1895)
Frederik Franck
oil on canvas
67 × 55 centimeter

Since 1945 the Dutch painter Frederik Franck lives and works in New York. Where his work was well received and amongst others highly praised by critics from The New York Times, The Art Digest and The New York Herald Tribune.


Aloys Kreuzer (1911)
Aloys Kreuzer
Bathing nude
oil on wood
62 × 52 centimeter

Kreuzer was born in München, Germany, but mainly worked and lived in Amsterdam and The Hague, the Netherlands, where he also studied art at the Academy of Fine Art.


Epi van Velde-van Brussel (1890)
Epi van Velde-van Brussel
oil on canvas
83 × 83 centimeter

Epi van Velde is known for her use of color. Born in the Netherlands where she lived and worked in Laren and Blaricum. She went to Germany in 1950 and was married to the well-known architect Henri van de Velde.


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