Louis Saalborn
The Netherlands

oil on canvas
195 x 90 centimeter
around 1927

oil on board
68 x 52 centimeter

Still-life with plants
oil on canvas
79 x 95.5 centimeter

oil on board
120 x 95 centimeter

Louis Saalborn was a talented man. His Russian parents were theatre professionals and all his life Louis Saalborn was active as an actor and director. Having a strong interest in the arts he started taking lessons, at first privately with Piet Mondriaan and later on with Piet van Wijngaerdt. Afterwards he also attended various art schools, including the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. From 1916 to 1920, influenced by Theo van Doesburg, he painted abstract compositions. Later on he committed himself to painting still-lifes, portraits and landscapes.


H o m e S t o c k N e w U s L i n k s E m a i l