t h e   a r  t i s t   u n k n o w n 

We know it can be hard to find information about artists.
Therefore we would like to offer our assistance to people looking for information about Dutch and European painters.

Over the years we have gained knowledge, gathered lots of information and invested in a huge collection of books about Dutch and European art from this century.

If you are looking for information (in English, Dutch, German, French or Hebrew) about a certain painter, E-Mail us, we might have the information you are seeking.


As this service is free of charge, we will not engage in art appraisals or extensive background studies of art works. Our only intention is to share our knowledge and resources.


o u r   u n k n o w n   a r t i s t s

As we believe in judging a work of art on the basis of its quality, over the years we purchased some works of art by painters unknown to us. We would like to gain more knowledge about these works and would be pleased with any help or suggestion. Some of the pictures we would like to know more about are shown below.


unknown artist

30 × 56 centimeters
oil on wood

The period and style of this painting are 19-th century, French. It has been suggested that this could be a Honoré Daumier. We believe it could be a painter from his surroundings, because of the similarity in style.


unknown artist

66 × 93 centimeters
oil on canvas

This painting is signed H.M. Bérard and dated 1946. This far we have not been able to find information about the painter, but we believe he is French.


unknown artist

82.5 × 100 centimeters
oil on canvas

This must be a British artist and not only because we know this piece has been exhibited at a gallery named Macmillan. The painting is signed Giles and judging the style we believe it is painted somewhere in the fifties.


H o m e S t o c k N e w U s L i n k s E m a i l