w h o   a r e   w e  ?

We are an Amsterdam-based firm.
Our focus is on European art, with a special emphasis on works from 1900 to 1960.

We believe in judging a work of art on the basis of its quality.
Accordingly, we also buy and show various contemporary artists.

Most of our clients are knowledgeable about the arts.
That should not, however, discourage any newcomer with a serious interest in the arts.


o u r   s t o c k 

Andreenko, Karel Appel, Philipp Bauknecht, André Beaudin, Louis Bouché, Chagall,
Jacques Chapiro, Jan van Deventer, J.J. Doeser, Frederick Franck, Robert Harvey,
Floris Jespers, Bela Kadar, Toon Kelder, Moïse Kogan, Shlomo Koren, Will Leeuwens,
Bart van der Leck, El Lissitzky, Guillaume Lo-A-Njoe, Adriaan Lubbers, Thilo Maatsch,
Anton Martineau, Harmen Meurs, Piet Mondriaan, Mordechai Penn, Picasso, Jörg Remé,
Louis Saalborn, Jan Sluyters jr, Klaus Sommerfeld, Texeira de Mattos,
Omer van de Weyer, Piet van Wijgaerdt
and many others.


w e  a c q u i r e  a r t

In fact we are always on the lookout for new works:

Dutch art from 1900 to 1960, artists such as:
Leeuwens, Kersten, Sluijters, Doeser, Saalborn, Leijden and Van de Velde

Israeli (jewish) artists

European art in general, by artists active from 1900 to 1960.


If you want to know more or are interested in the works on display, please contact us:
Telephone: + 31 20 463 69 30
Fax: + 31 20 668 20 28


H o m e S t o c k N e w U s L i n k s E m a i l


The images on display only intend to give the visitor an impression of our stock!

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August 11th, 1999